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Posted on July 23, 2015 at 9:00 PM

For the good sides of pain!

People usually underestimate the signals in the back and seek help when they are already in severe pain and cannot move, sit in a chair, or even sleep. Usually problems start not because you are absorbed, but because you are idle and have lost your form. The pain is a friend. It notifies a problem. If you do not feel pain, you can be harmed even further. And we have to solve the problem, not kill the messenger! Modern anesthetics are largely based on drugs (to satisfy the customer's desire to act quickly), and to have you addicted. Use those drugs only in extreme cases. You can anoint yourself with ointments from the pharmacy, but they have analgesic rather than a curative effect, and you have practically no improvement. If you do not believe try!

I suggest to you to take advantage of the safe and efficient methods and learn how to care for your body. Nobody can do it better than you. This is your responsibility.

If you often get stiff, consider strengthening the dorsal (back) and abdominal (stomach) muscles - this will reduce the stress on your back. If your work is mostly in a sitting position, move frequently. Sport is compulsory for you. Every morning do some stretching exercises. You have time for your health! If you don’t take measures, continuous pain and discomfort affecting the nervous system in turn will worsen the root cause. The circle is closing and it seems that there is no solution. Do not let go. Together with the physical measures, it is required to take care of your psyche. Massages, relaxation activities, enjoyable activities, hobbies and Aroma are a good proposal. Have in mind that in some cases serious injury and pain after fractures remain (in bad weather when loading or nervous tension). Take it! Each trauma leaves its mark and cannot be completely removed. Be aware of it!

The genesis of the back pain problem.

Over 70% of people complain of back pain and 1/3 of people suffer from it chronicly. Up to 80% do not know why their back hurts. However, people who are overweight and with well-trained muscles have the same symptoms as skinny people. Often the cause of pain is not in the spine, and lies in the muscles, tendons and connections. Improper posture and stress can also trigger pain receptors. In such cases, X-ray will not show anything. Pain in your lower back may occur, because of problems with the reproductive and urinary system, the kidneys, and the stomach. Back pain may be caused by problems with the lungs, heart, stomach, thyroid, and sometimes the skin. Active trainees make another serious mistake -loading without unloading. Keep fit, but remember that you have to unload. For people with chronic back problems or with currently present pain it is important not to subject yourself to intense workouts.

What causes the pain on the spine?

Intervertebral (situated between vertebrae) disks are elastic buffers, which consist of a jelly-like core, closed in a ring by bonding fibers. The ring can crack and then the gelatinous nucleus goes out, pressing the nerves and spinal cord and this causes pain. The twinge (crack) is a sharp pain, caused by the rupture of the intervertebral disc or entrapment of small joints connecting the vertebrae. If the pain goes into the leg, this is probably sciatica.

Disc disease and herniated disc. Herniated disc and cracks are a kind of radiculitis manifestations. Disc disease and disc hernia is a rupture of the intervertebral disc and pinched spinal roots. A person with a herniated disc or disc disease can live a normal life if follows the simple movement culture and takes proper care of his body.

Apart from disc disease you can have pain from an inflamed nerve, sciatica, radiculitis.

Pain in the shoulders and head may be due to common exostosis. Mechanical overload on the back (trauma, obesity, poor muscle corset) leads to disorders of cartilage around the disc and development of spikes. In more serious exostosis it is possible that compression of the nerves, leads to severe headaches.

Widespread is plexitis (inflammation of nerves), in which pain is felt along the nerve - from the neck over the shoulder to the hand. With time it becomes chronic and the pain is intolerable.

The pain in the back and the lower back, especially in immobilization may be due to rheumatoid arthritis, which is characterized by morning stiffness. It is generally carried out with pain, joint swelling, even ulceration of the skin of the hands in the more severe forms.

Being overweight puts extra demands on muscles, intervertebral discs and joints. For example, redundant 30-40 kg. are comparable to the constant wearing of a backpack of 25-30 kg. This burden not only hinders spinal structures, but also the hip, knee, ankle joints and feet.

When a problem like this occurs, the spine is primarily treated with agents that soothe pain, relaxation of the muscles and most of all - patience. What can happen if you want to fix it straight away and if you think that it is not fair to suffer anymore even for a day? Your back is not ready for it - if it were, the problem would not appear. If it is a serious injury from a blow, you have to seek medical advice straight away. But for a twinge (crack), inflamed nerve, or tense muscles, you have to wait the necessary technological time for the recovery. It is important to know, that our nature is created so that the body can repair the damages by itself. Gradually jellied matter will begin to dry and the pressure on the nerves will be reduced. The best for the spine is the alternation of tightening and lending (stretching and relaxation). Only like that the muscles, the connective tissue and the cartilage could receive the important nutrients. Movement is necessary and immobilization is undesirable. One day rest leads to loss of 3% of muscle mass.

If you get cracks in your back during coughing or sneezing, whilst coughing or sneezing, have a stable support with hands on a table or wall and bent knees, so your feet can handle the load rather than the waist.

Back pain and massages.

Massages are a proven remedy for many problems, including pain in the back and waist. They improve the nutrition of the cells, have a numbing effect, relax muscles (many back problems can be caused solely by muscle pain), etc. That is why they are so important for the prevention of this problem and for your recovery. Not surprisingly, its occurrence is somewhere far in history, unlike pills. Aromatherapy massage is used to relieve plexitis, disc disease, herniated disc, sciatica, radiculitis, any back pain, waist and shoulders, exostosis, bursitis, and for analgesia and muscle relaxation in arthrosis and other problems with the hip. The massage effect is directly on the muscles and emotional state. Unfortunately, doctors rarely recommend massages.

If you already know what a massage is, try a massage bed, or a massage chair. If you have already tried the beds and a traditional massage, try to make a qualitative difference between manual and mechanical massage.The mechanical devices are not applying dozens of massage techniques to work on the skin and muscles, no individual approach - the rollers have the same movements. There is no way for you to get the important relaxation and rest. Usually the Certificates (English and Korean) ensure safe electricity but not healing process. Pain after massage beds are not curative nature due to the pressure of rollers and unnatural twisting of the body. This massage does not tolerate customers with heart problems and hypertension, unlike traditional massage. Part of the effect of manual massage is due to the positive energy that is transmitted by the masseur. Even after daily use muscles do not relax as after a hand massage.

Choose carefully your masseur. Preferably go to a recommended one with more experience. The first massage is indicative, if there are no improvements, do not go to the same place. During the massage you should not feel much pain. This is a sign of unprofessionalism. Excessive use of force and inflicting pain do not eliminate the problem. After making the required number of massages, you can keep rubbing the affected area with special mixtures of essential oils. Aromatherapists produce these mixtures tailored for your needs. If you have the desire and some experience in aromatherapy, you can prepare something yourself. For example, put 3 drops of cinnamon, 3 drops of cloves, 3 drops of thyme, 3 drops of rosemary and 3 drops of coriander in 55 ml. carrier oil (sesame oil, olive oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, etc. – be careful if you are allergic to nuts or some herbals!!!) Anoint yourself with this mixture 2-3 times a day in severe pain, or once daily as a prophylactic. If you do not have the above ingredients, you can use oils of lavender, eucalyptus, geranium, ginger, pepper, orange, tangerine or whatever you have.

In the acute stage of disc herniation it is recommended you stay in bed, if only because the movement is impossible. Listen to your body! If the pain is unbearable, then the body wants rest. The rest will reduce swelling and will create conditions for muscle relaxation. Heated treatments in this case could worsen the condition of swelling. Massaging the acute phase directly on the painful areas is a contraindiction. The pain will intensify further. But massage can be applied in adjacent areas where there is no pain - legs, arms and neck with a general tonic effect. In the chronic stage massage is helpful for improving circulation, nutrition and muscle tone.

For a pain from an inflamed nerve, sciatica, radiculitis, aid is massages and a daily spreading of aromatherapy mixtures until resolution of the issue. Suitable oils for inflammation - tea tree, lavender, myrtle, chamomile, orange, eucalyptus (20-25 drops of 5 selected oils in 50 ml of base oil).

To some extent, people with pain in the middle of the back and shoulders are the lucky ones. They can move freely, and their problems could be solved with more movement, anti-inflammatory drugs and massages. Unless it comes to trauma from impact, mainly problems due to immobilization (work in a sitting position) and plexitis (immobilization and drafts, air conditioners).

Massages at exostosis have an analgesic effect, stagnant blood moves, tissues feed. The number of massages depends on the individual situation and the reactivity of your body. There is no specific number for a given problem.

For plexitis (inflammation of nerves), massage with essential oils is beneficial and also daily rubbing of an anti-inflammatory mixture. Avoid conditioners and air flow! Move as much as possible!

Massage is also useful for rheumatoid arthritis. Use special oils against inflammation, swelling and pain.

Massage is also recommended for Bechterew syndrome, which is characterized by morning stiffness and pain. Prolonged bed rest after passing of the the acute stage of the disease should be avoided. It weakens muscles and somewhow prevents a return to the normal rhythm of life.

To maintain the back in good condition and protect it from problems with urinary and reproductive system, massages in the waist are recommended to improve blood supply to these areas.

Entire massage, or just a part of your body?

Many people prefer to have just a back massage, when they have problems with their back, and think that their feet and hands will be all right. This is absolutely impossible, unless the limbs exist separately from the body. The so-called partial massage in Europe (considered by some to be a separate species) is not popular in the East. There, the body is seen as a whole and diseases are not divided into parts - no sick stomach or leg or head. There is an imbalance in the body and it should be cleared. The treatments must be such as to favorably influence all systems in your body, and you cannot divide the body parts. The whole massage improves blood circulation throughout the body and has a deep and long lasting effect, unlike partial massage. Massage is good as a prophylactic before serious symptoms appear. Or do it at the first sign of pain. Do not wait for it to become intolerable - then it will cost you more, not counting the nerves, insomnia and discomfort. Best is to make massages in a specified interval - you yourself can determine the right one for you.

Warming or cooling?

Cooling procedures with ice or cold compresses are recommended for sprains, dislocations, bruises and strains to shrink blood vessels and to avoid bruising and swelling, although a new theory rejects cooling at this time as a therapeutic agent. I know that the heat is healing. Cooling procedures will sooner or later lead to warming and increased blood flow (as after a cold shower). The rule is - if the cold does not help, try heat. Warming compresses, paraffin, essential oils or other methods lead to improved blood circulation and lymph circulation, nutrition of tissues, spreading of waste products, reduced inflammation, muscle relaxation and thus reduce pain.

Cooling essential oils are: eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, cypress, eucalyptus, lemon, lemongrass, citronella. Heating - thyme, cinnamon, cloves, juniper, coriander, rosemary, black pepper, ginger. Pine oil you can use for cooling and heating - it has a selective action. Decide for yourself whether warming or cooling works better for you. Your body talks, learn to listen and to have more faith in yourself!

At the first sign of pain, tightness or pressure in the back take action. Make a massage or rub with the appropriate essential oils. Take care of the problems, while still possible. Do not wait for the pain to become unbearable or chronic. Do not rely just on foreign aid! Gymnastics, healthy eating, positive emotions are your responsibility. Maintain good function of the spine, the muscles around it, the chest and abdominal muscles, (which prevents injury) with well chosen sports. Fitness, aerobics, swimming, walking, hiking are all pleasant and helpful. Some sports, such as tennis with repeated twists may be contraindicated. Yoga and stretching are also beneficial. They relax muscles and mind, improve flexibility, and work the entire body. Avoid excessive exercise.




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