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Posted on October 24, 2015 at 7:20 AM

SPA Ritual – Rose blossom and bouquet of essential oils.


• Cleansing and peeling with Tonic Water Rose Blossom and Herbal mixture.

• Aroma massage with 3D Massage Gel with Rose and Honey and Aroma Massage Oil.

• Body wrapping with Cream Mask Rose Blossom.

• Moisturising.


60 min duration time with wrapping

Smoothes, refreshes, detoxifies and nourishes the skin. Acts anti – inflammatory, gives purity and aroma scent to the skin.



Relaxing gourmet therapy “Au Chocolat”.


• Cleansing and exfoliation with Herbal mixture.

• Massage with Biphasic chocolate oil.

• Body wrapping with Chocolate Mousse.

• Moisturising.

60 min duration time with wrapping

Deep nourishing treatment with a relaxing and rejuvenating effect. It has an anti-stress effect and fills you with positive energy. Stimulates regenerative processes and glossy appearance of the skin.



Rejuvenating therapy „Bulgarian Yoghurt“.


• Cleansing and exfoliation with Lizing gel “Bulgarian Yoghurt”.

• Massage with Massaging CreamYoghurt .

• Body wrapping with Cream-gel Yoghurt.

• Moisturising.

60 min duration time with wrapping

Hydrating therapy with regenerating and rejuvenating effect due to the Bulgarian yogurt extract, milk proteins, and whey and starter extracts. Special cosmetic line based on world famous Bulgarian Yoghurt, intended both for

face and body. It`s formula contains special milk ferments and proteins, lactic acids, combined with lyophilized Bulgarian Bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which is rejuvenating. Tested and proven over time. The effectiveness of the bacterium is maintained by lyophilizing in a special technology, used for the first time in the world.



Hot Slavic anti-cellulite therapy.


• Cleansing and peeling with Tonic Water Rose Blossom .

• Anti-cellulite massage with 4D Мodeling and Ultrasonic Gel and Hot Anti-cellulite and slimming oil.

• Body wrapping with Modeling and anti-cellulite oil.

• Moisturising.

60 min duration time with wrapping

Anti-cellulite treatment with patented anti-cellulite ingredients: PHYTOSONIC®, ADIPOSLIM® and ADIPOLES® and Cinnamon extracts, Caffeine and hot Bulgarian peppers. Provides full detox. Enhances relaxing and draining processes, and smoothes the skin. It contains ADIPOSLIM и ADIPOLES – ingredients with powerful anti-cellulite and slimming effect, acting in depth, breaks down fatty deposits and smoothes.



Back treatment.


• Cleansing and exfoliation with products of your choice.

• Massage with products of your choice.

• Back wrapping with products of your choice.

• Moisturising.

40 min duration time with wrapping




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