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Posted on October 24, 2015 at 2:00 AM

Body wraps are treatments, designed to tighten your skin, eliminate toxins, help with temporary inch loss and/or soothe tired muscles. There are different wraps available tailored to different needs, so some will be slimming and detoxifying, some may be a specific inch loss wrap, whereas others will be relaxing and revitalising.

The beauty therapist will ask you to change into some paper knickers and then you’ll lie down on the treatment table, ready for the process to begin. In preparation for the wrap your skin will need to be exfoliated to remove all the dead skin cells and help improve your circulation. This part of the treatment is perhaps the most important as your pores will have a better chance of soaking in the treatment if the layer of dead skin has been removed. If you’ve chosen an inch loss wrap treatment the therapist will then take the measurements from various parts of your body so you’ll be able to compare the before and after results and see whether you have managed to lose inches from different areas of your body.

The chosen solution will then be applied to your entire body. The solutions used for body wraps can be anything from mud to seaweed to oils to clay – it’s completely up to you to choose the one you think is best for your needs. All will have different qualities so it’s worth taking some time to talk to your beauty therapist about which is right for you. Many spas or salons will have their own signature wraps so it’s also worth looking around to see what’s available.

Once the solution has been applied, the beauty therapist will wrap you tightly from head to toe in a plastic sheet, a foil wrap, or a bandage – a bit like mummification, but far less scary! The heat from the wrap will encourage your pores to open and you’ll begin to sweat out any toxins. You’ll be left to relax for about 20 – 60 minutes and if you’re comfortable to do so you can even drift off for a short nap! When it’s time to remove the sheet it may feel slightly cold and soggy so this part of the treatment is usually done as quickly as possible. Any excess solution will be wiped away and you should be left feeling refreshed and detoxed. The treatment is sometimes finished off with a mask, massage, some moisturising lotion, or cream. Your measurements will be taken again if you opted for the inch-loss wrap and you’ll find out exactly how many inches you lost!

Obviously body wraps can vary enormously depending on the spa, therapist etc. and some may prefer to use bandages instead of plastic wraps, or completely different solutions or methods but the outcome should be the same. Body wraps can also be combined with other treatments such as Vichy showers, massages and facials.

Remember that if you are aiming to lose inches, and the salon expects you to lose around six inches, this will be over your entire body not in one area. So as an example, you may lose one inch from each thigh, two inches from your belly and one inch from each of your arms.

For many people the idea of getting an inch loss wrap where you can lose weight fast with no effort is just too good to be true, but how effective are these wraps and are they an easy weight loss method?

Well, an inch or weight loss wrap is generally a wrap which has a traditional detoxing effect such as a mud or clay wrap. The wrap works by detoxifying your body and drawing out toxins, reducing fluid retention in the skin which can help you to lose inches and be used as a fast or easy weight loss method. However, the weight you are losing is through fluids and this should not be used as an effective long term weight loss plan, but works really well as a temporary inch loss aid.

This is a great way to lose inches, but it must be remembered that this is a temporary measure and is designed to be used in situations where you need to see temporary results, or are aiming to lose weight fast, such as fitting into a dress for a special night out.

Generally, body wraps are offered on a one off basis, and also as a course of a few treatments so that you can maintain the effects of your weight loss wrap. If you are thinking about having a course of treatments to try and achieve an easy weight loss then it is worth asking your beauty therapist if they will offer a reduced price for this.




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