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Posted on July 31, 2015 at 3:10 AM

We can assure you, that in our beauty salon steps are taken to reduce the risk of contamination and cross infections, that may occur during waxing treatments. Our practices are safe with adequate precautions taken.

Clients with contraindications to waxing are not treated.

When we work, we always use gloves.

We use clean treatment sheets and clean towels for each client.

Prior to waxing, the area of skin being waxed is cleaned with a skin cleanser to reduce the levels of skin bacteria and the possibility of skin infection. It also helps to remove dirt and oils from the skin, providing better wax adhesion.

Wax is not applied to broken skin or over an area, where blood has been drawn. If blood is drawn during a procedure, the contaminated instruments and surfaces are cleaned and sterilised immediately.

The spatulas are never double-dipped.

For us it is essential that temperature control be employed, as a means of controlling any possible risk. All types of wax (both strip and hot wax) are kept undisturbed at a minimum temperature level of 70–80ºC for a minimum of 15 minutes between clients. (Viruses such as HIV would be expected to be inactivated at this temperature.) For strip waxing, this is monitored and recorded before the first client and at least one other time during the day. For hot waxing, monitoring occurs between clients. For both strip and hot wax, monitoring also occur after pots have been refilled or replaced with a new pot.

We always apply afterwax products.

As the skin is more susceptible to irritation or infection for up to 48 hours after a waxing procedure, we always advise our clients by conversation and printouts for post treatment care.




On the market wax is supplied in several forms - glucose (water soluble), strip (soft) wax, and hot (hard) wax.

Glucose (water soluble) is more likely to permit the growth of potentially harmful microorganisms. Its use is not recommended and that is why we don’t use it in our salon.

Strip (soft) wax is available in two forms - water based or oil based. It is applied thinly on the skin and removed with a waxing strip. It is great for larger areas such as the legs, arms, back, chest, and some facial waxing. Only oil based strip wax should be used on clients. That is why At Rose Of Bulgaria Beauty therapy we use oil based strip waxes, which have different formulations to suit different skin types and hair needs, including a hypoallergenic formulation - Purity White Strip Wax, (designed for the more delicate areas and ideal for people with sensitive skin with its creamy consistency and extreme flexibility).

Hot (hard) wax is a peel off wax, applied thickly on the skin, and removed by fingers. It is used for waxing sensitive and delicate areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, facial waxing, underarms, bikini line and Brazilian waxing.




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